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Exploring Every Feature of the G2G Affiliate Program Dashboard

Welcome to the world of G2G Affiliate Program! If you are newly enrolled, we've got you covered with a comprehensive guideline to help you navigate and make the most of the robust features within the G2G Affiliate Program's dashboard.

Total Commission

This section displays your earned commissions from your affiliate activity since you joined.

Available Balance

This section displays the amount of money you are able to withdraw. This amount is accumulated from your activity as sellers and affiliator.

In this section, there's also a "Payout" button. If you want to withdraw your commissions, you can click this button.

Affiliate performance report

In this section, you can see a summary of your reflink performance. You can filter the display result by date. The recently updated data is yesterday's; hence, you can't see today's performance.

There are several metrics that is displayed in this section.

  • Commission: Commissions that you earned for bringing new customers who completed your purchases at G2G through your reflinks.
  • Click: The total number of clicks on your reflinks that led to specified destinations.
  • Transaction: The total number of completed purchases that is attributed to your relinks.
  • Member: The total number of customers who signed up at G2G that is attributed to your reflinks.

Top reflink

This section displays your top 5 most-performing reflinks. This list is based on click performance; reflink that generates the most clicks will be number 1, and so on.

In this section, there's also a "View more" button that leads you to the "Reflink" page, where you can see all of your reflinks.

Product recommendation

A list of suggested products is shown in this section for you to create as your reflink.

The recommendation is automatically updated every 
two weeks.

The recommended product list can be filtered by country/region, services, and brands.

There is a “Generate reflink” button for each suggested product. A reflink will be generated immediately if you click this button. However, you are still able to rename your reflink before sharing.

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