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How do I create bulk listing?

1. Go to "My G2G" and click "Create Listing" under Listing tab. Then, click "Download List".

2. Select service and game, then click "Download List" to prompt the .xls file download. Save and open the .xls file.

3. Fill in the all details for multiple desired servers. Click on the arrow to view drop-down options. You may also click on "Reference" to see the entries examples.

4. Save it as an .xls file. Only .xls files are accepted.

5. Click "Upload List".

6. Select the same service and game. Click "Upload List" and upload the .xls file.

7. A preview of the listing will load.

8. The preview listing will expire in approximately 1 hour. The same service and game cannot be uploaded in the next hour unless the current preview is confirmed/submitted or cancelled. Double check the valid listings.

9. Check the invalid listing tab to see what you can revise on the .xls file and then "Re-upload" to check again.

Note : If the server you try to create in this listing already exist on your profile, the system will mark it as "invalid listing". The system will not process this request. If you want to change the data for the server respective existing server(s), kindly go to the Manage Listing page.
Existing listing cannot be overwritten and can only be edited in Manage Listing option. 

10. Click "Confirm & Submit" to upload the finalized list.

11. Once the listing has been published, you can manage it at Manage Listing page.

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