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ArcheAge: Auction House trading guide

Modified On: 2019-08-07 12:55:47 +0800

1. Seller will contact buyer once the order has been placed.

2. Seller will inform buyer to auction items, specifically: the number of item to be listed, price of the item and the bidding period.

3. Buyer must list different items based on seller's specification, and inform seller what item has been listed and the bidding period.

4. Wait for seller to buy the listed items.

5. If the seller has confirmed delivery but the items listed have not been sold, please take a screenshot immediately.

6. If the items listed has expired, change the quantity of items in that single auction and relist it again. For example, if previously for each item you have put 1, when relisting you can put 2 or 3.

Image below shows the screen capture of the buyer's auction house. The items listed are all different.

1. Add item.

2. Enter the starting bid price.

3. Enter the buy now price.

4. Select the bidding period.

5. List item.

6. List of auctioned items.

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