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What is Buyer Ranking?

1. Buyer ranking comprises of 5 tier levels. Buyer's account which has the required dollar amount of completed orders will be upgraded to the next tier level.

Buyer Ranking
Platinum rankPlatinumTotal spending of $10,000
Gold rankGoldTotal spending of $3,000
Silver rankSilverTotal spending of $500
Bronze rankBronzeSuccessfully completed first order
Regular rankRegularNo prior purchase

2. Buyer ranking will be upgraded within 24 - 72 hours once the requirement above has been met. The actual G2G Points issued is based on the ranking at the time of purchase.

3. How a buyer's ranking is downgraded:

Buyers with orders in dispute may find their ranking suspended or downgraded until their case has been resolved. Disputes occur in the case of a fraudulent or unauthorised payment made on an order under your account. To ensure that your ranking is unaffected:

- Always ensure that you have authorisation to use G2G or payment account before you order.

- You may not share your account or password with anyone, except that if you are a parent or guardian. You are liable for all activities conducted through the account, including any activities which may be conducted by your minor children that you allow to use your account.

- You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password, and you will be responsible for all uses of your username and password whether or not authorised by you. Security of your account is your responsibility.

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