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FIFA: Coins trading guide

Player Auctions: You sell one of your players to the price of the maximum price range which corresponds to the amount of Coins of the order, and a Coin supplier buy the players from you.

You could list 10-20 same/different players in the market.
1. If possible also list 1 player of buy now price 1099K (1,099,000), then list 1 player to receive the whole amount of Coins.
2. If possible only list 1 player of buy now price 9.9K (9,900), then list 10-20 same/different players.
3. Seller may NOT cover the 5% EA TAX incurred.
4. The start price is changeable, but you should make sure the start price and buy now price in our site are equal to your player card in the transfer market.
5. If you listed the same player 5 times all with same details, please set the player quantity to 5.
6. If you listed 10 different players, please add 9 other players.

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