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Account service rules and descriptions

Game Account Listing Rules

1. For accounts of the same type for a game, with similar title/description/price, seller can only create 1 offer and provide more stock per server/platform.

2. Seller must create listings in the correct category.

Example: LOL Gold rank account can only be listed in the Gold category.

3. Sellers are not allowed to create fake listings.

Example: Listings with unrealistically expensive or cheap pricing.

4. All communications must be conducted through G2G web chat. Sellers are not allowed to provide personal contacts such as Discord, Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

5. Sellers are not allowed to copy the contents or product descriptions of other sellers unless otherwise permitted.

6. The game account listed must be from legitimate source or origin.

7. Seller must have the full original access of the account and its recovery information so that any issue that may arise can be resolved by the seller. Otherwise, seller is liable when a trade dispute occurs.

8. When delivering account, seller must transfer the ownership of the account access fully to the buyer. Account access ownership transfer means changing the account registration and login info to buyer's details, and also provide the original registration information. This is to enable buyer to use their own details and original account information to contact and resolve issue with the gamemaker.  

9. Seller with high number of complaints or disputes filed by buyers will be treated as high risk or "problematic" seller and will not be covered by GamerProtect. G2G reserves the right to take appropriate actions as we deem fit, including but not limited to refunding the order, withhold payment and suspension of selling permission.

10. Sellers who resolved the issue with buyers within 72 hours prior to being escalated will be excluded from penalty and being profiled.

11. Sellers who disagree with the outcome and wish to appeal are required to compile the statistics and report of the complaints received and submit them to G2G for review.

12. The minimum insurance period will be set to 14 days.

13. Any inquiry, valuable feedback or suggestion for account selling rules, please contact us.

League of Legends (LOL)

1. For the Riot account, sellers must provide full access to buyers including Login Username and password and email account and Riot ID, etc. (Riot ID can be added in the Additional Note on the delivery page)

2. As a seller, you must make sure the Riot ID can not be changed again before the delivery.

3. Please screenshot or video the area of "Account Management" at the Riot account before the delivery, save the screenshot or video as valid proof.


1. Sellers who wish to sell PUBGM accounts must provide all information of the linked account, which is connected to the game account.

2. Sellers can only sell PUBGM account which is linked with NOT MORE THAN 1 social account (such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Play, Apple ID). Any other additional social accounts that are connected to the PUBG account must be unlinked and removed entirely, including linked accounts which have been disabled (such as Facebook disabled account).

3. When selling a PUBGM account with a linked account, please make sure the linked account is functional and in working condition. Banned, suspended, or disabled linked accounts are not permitted.

4. If you only keep Facebook linked, make sure other apps cannot access your PUBGM account directly again without authorizing so that buyers will not complain of unknown login attempts. (Please provide screenshots of proof to verify that access to the PUBGM account requires other apps authorization.) 

5. Make sure the 7 days buffer period of the account is over at the time of listing.

Call of Duty (COD)

1. There are many types of login that can be linked to COD, including Blizzard, PSN, Xbox, Steam, and Social media, etc. In order to avoid receiving complaints of unknown logins, sellers are required to keep only the Blizzard login link and unlink the others before selling the game account. 

2. If the Activision account is linked with your Blizzard account already, please unlink it, and relink it with the buyer's Blizzard account. There will be a 12 months restriction to unlink Blizzard again. Please screenshot the restriction as proof of delivery and upload it sold order details page.

3. If the Activision account cannot be linked to the buyer's own Blizzard account due to the 12 monthly restriction, please provide the previous linked Blizzard account to the buyer. Sellers are required to inform buyers about this restriction before selling by including this information in the product description.

4. Make sure to fully switch Activision's ownership to the buyer and upload the proof of ownership change into your sold order details page. Inform the buyer to set up 2FA for the Activision account.

Genshin Impact (GI)

1. For the MiHoYo account login method, sellers must provide full access to the game account to buyers including email account and username and userID, etc. You may also create the username for buyers by asking them directly through G2G web chat. (UserID can be added in the "Additional Note" at the delivery page).

2. Please screenshot or video the area of "Account Information", "Account Security Setting", "Login Devices" at the MiHoYo account before the delivery, save the screenshot or video as a valid poof.

Clash of Clans (COC)

1. When you are filling out the game account login information and email information on the delivery page, please add the "Village Name, Village Tag, Village Clan Name"  in the Additional Note on the delivery page too.

2. Same as other Supercell games including Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. "Character Name, Tag, Clan Name" must be in the Additional Note on the delivery page too.

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