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G2G Product & Listing Policy

Sellers must comply with G2G Product & Listing Policy. Please click on the attachment below to view the complete policy. Some important points to take note of including:

  • Compliance with Laws: Ensure that all items posted for sale comply with federal, state, and local laws in any jurisdiction.
  • Prohibited Items: Refrain from posting or selling items listed as prohibited, including illicit drugs, firearms, and adult materials.
  • Controversial Items: Avoid listing items that may be controversial, such as those promoting illegal activities or promoting hate speech.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Respect intellectual property rights by not posting items containing unauthorized use of images, names, or logos.
  • Listing Removal: Understand that G2G.com reserves the right to remove listings or delist accounts for violations of product and listing policies.
  • Duplicate Listings: Do not create duplicate listings for the same item, as this is not permitted and can lead to account delisting.
  • Search Manipulation: Avoid manipulating search results by using irrelevant keywords or misleading tactics to gain unfair visibility.
  • Game Items Representation: Provide accurate information about in-game items or services, ensuring consistency across all listing details.
  • Warranties: Be aware of the warranties provided by GamerProtect for buyers and sellers, and ensure compliance with the terms of service to be covered.
  • Foreign Links: Refrain from using store names or listing images that contain web addresses or external links, as this violates platform policies.

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