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Reporting A Problem

If you have any issue selling or buying from our website, please let us know. We're here to help!

i have a problem in gold seling Wow

i mean , when i pay buyer for example 10% and fill delivery in site - if u put 1 extra 0  , u cant talk to buyer any more 

im asking u guys to , let sellers currect amount of gold that they delivered for 2 min after they put number there , so if they did a mistake like puting 1 extra 0

they dont lose their contact with  buyer

Hi mosen,

We're sorry to inform you that we do not have such system. As such, you will need to make sure the amount is correct before pressing the confirm button. Thank you.

Cant verify my mail

Hi Daniel,

We noticed that your order is already completed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance. Thank you.

I'm not receiving the an SMS for the security tokens 

can you help me plz

Hi Saleh,

We have sent the security token to your registered email now. Kindly update valid mobile number on your profile and proceed with the mobile verification again.

I'm not receiving the security tokens 


Hi Feras,

Your mobile number has been verified. You may try to place an order with us right now. Thank you.


i have bought 100.000 gold in outland allince faction , and they took money 38.60 US and now there is no order what happend exactly guys ?

 Do let us know the order number or contact us at for immediate response.

i didn't get order number, and they take money from my card dude i bought 100.000 gold for 38.60 ( outland - allaince ) ( char name : hopeugotfat ).

i try to chek the history and i did not find anything plus they order successful and i was also waiting in game for whipser nobody whispering me guys . im customer for 2 years now and this is my first problem in your site could u please solve it as quick as u can please ,,

Perhaps the email address you used to register with us then? Or your customer ID number?

 Based on our check on this account, there is only one order today and that is for Store Credits which we have already delivered to you.  No other orders placed.

i swear dude i bought gold + store credit ( 10 US and 38.60 US taken from the card ) 

Perhaps you had used another account to buy it? Because your $10 Store Credits is still there on your account unused.  Contact us at with payment proof so we can check further.


can't u check the cards that used today or ? 

Unfortunately we do not have authorized access to check via card transactions, hope you are able to contact us at so we can respond within a proper ticket.


Im not receiving the SMS with the security Token, tried it out twice already and dont get anything.

Kindly sent us an email to in regards of your issue

Hello, today i recived the worst service possible, i ordered gold, i talked with the seller, i cancled my order becurse the seller was not responding to my questions and ignored me, then when i cancled the order, he says he gave me half of the gold, i contacted the support for them to assist me and provided the details and screenshots of the convosation and of me not having my gold, then after allready waiting 36 hours for my gold, i now have to wait 48 hours to get my credit back so i buy the gold i need. 

that is a total of 84 hours, and then when i want to order the gold i need i proberly will have issues again.

Hi lasse,

Kindly provide us with your order number so we may look into this matter and escalate the issue to the respective department. Thank you.

Not receiving my gold after buying and the money being taken. Its been a few days now. Suggestions?

Hi, Harry. We do apologized for the inconvenience caused. It seems like your order has been completed 4 days ago. Thank you.

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