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Do not purchase anything from CerthuzGold

 Recently purchased a boost from this seller... they are using cheats and 3rd party programs in order to boost.
If i knew that the seller was using illegal programs i would have NOT purchased this.

my account is banned for 7 months due to this seller.



Account Name: ******************

Account Action: Suspended until 2017/08/01

Offense: Use of Bots or Third-Party Automation Software

Blizzard Entertainment has suspended this World of Warcraft account after identifying the usage of bots or other cheat software.

These programs (commonly called cheats, bots, or hacks) automate certain aspects of gameplay, or provide unintended advantages and abilities to the player. This type of cheating undermines other players' experience and severely upsets the balance of the game environment.

The account holder is responsible for all activity on the account. We issue suspensions and closures to protect our players and our service in accordance with our Terms of Use:

We don't take this decision lightly. Our team issued this suspension only after a careful review of relevant evidence. Our support staff will not overturn this penalty and may not respond to appeals. For more information, see our article:

This World of Warcraft account will be reactivated on 2017/08/01.

Thank you for your time and for understanding.

Customer Support
Blizzard Entertainment

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I also had the same issue. Please g2g get back to me aswell.

You know that Blizzard claims cheating and botting for all power leveling bans, right? I lost an account too (and another from a different seller with the same form letter from Blizz), but I had also watched that character being leveled a couple times to make sure they weren't using a bot. It's possible that I am wrong, but nothing about how the character was being leveled looked like a bot to me. It might just have been my account or I might have missed something. I also know that Blizz analyzes IP addresses of characters that level fast, so maybe that was what happened. Or machine IDs. Or a hundred other ways they have developed to detect power leveling in the past 14 years that we don't know about and can't protect against.

Not saying it doesn't suck, but it might not be botting or cheating. Also, the seller has been really good about it and even told me to go ahead and cancel for a refund before I even noticed the ban. Never had a seller do that before, so that's why I'm defending them.

The guy that we bought the boost from, told us that he will not use a bot and he should be punished for that. Account-sharing is also bannable aswell as buying gold. We are not asking for our WoW accounts back. We are asking from the site to do something to people like him. We have to ATLEAST be refunded the money that we paid for the boost from the site.

It's obvious you are friend or Teamplayer with him stop defending yourself or him if you use bot said it from the start and I Will choose If i want it or not i got banned because of your #$#@

Yea, you should get your money back. Wasn't saying you shouldn't. Just that it might not be botting.

Did you ask g2g for a refund and/or file a complaint? I requested a refund and got it in 5 minutes. I didn't file a complaint because I don't know it was even anything they did and beacause it might be their job and not a hobby for extra cash. They were super nice and helpful (something I've not seen before with a boost), so I don't want to hurt them without knowing for sure that they did something wrong.

Just my thoughts on it.

I also had the same issue with you guys this user is using cheats in order to reach level 110.Except hacking,this guy is a liar as he said he will finish leveling up in 72 hours,but he finished in five days.I would be greatful if g2g could help me out and ban this guy for life!

Hi there. We appreciate for those who have encountered similar issues in having their account banned, kindly email us at, and we will have this looked into with the G2G team for further investigation.

Thank you. 

We have indeed received a number of complaints on their account being banned for the same reason. As for now, we are currently have them looked into as we speak, and we shall notify our customers via email for those who have reported the issue to us. For our customers who are having the same issue, kindly email us at, and we will have this looked into with the G2G team for further investigation.

Thank you. 

What do you mean and what if they refund me i got banned 6 months You Paid the Premade?You will lose all along NightHold?Or Season 2 arena?


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