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Awaiting Payment No payment was made for this order. If this is a mistake, let us know immediately here.

My order number is 8854073 it withdrew money from my paypal but it still shows this message

10 people have this problem

same for me

Same thing happened to me last night. I messaged them in the live chat on the bottom right corner and they fixed the problem right away. Mistakenly I bought something else again today assuming everything would be fixed but now I'm having this issue for the second time. I left a message where the Live chat usually is in the bottom right so hopefully it works again.

Having the same problem


my order number is 8854184  . I have the same issue.

I wish it wasn't so much of a hassle

same problem here, wish i would have done more research into this site

The site is usually really good I Buy from here all the time. There's just a glitch right now. People are saying it's only with Paypal purchases. Did anyone of you not use Paypal and have this issue?

Same here my order number is 8853810 I canceled it but I still want it, and it took money from my paypal. Would lovely if it could be fixed, don't need my money back I only want the thing that took my money

Same for order 8854422. Honestly don't know why I bother with this site - always a problem. Always.

my order was randomly canceled after waiting I still want the purchase because my money is still taken from my paypal.

Having the same issue. Would just like a refund of the money I paid and everything will be fine. Have used the site many times before and never had issues.

my order number is 8854073 please get me the purchased item or at least refund me so I can try again.  Since for some reason it canceled on me

Same for order 8854591 paid with paypal everthing is right debited and my account but in site say that

i have 2 orders active thar say no payment was made. i expect this to be fixed soon. i want my products asap while my sellers still online

i have the same problem can some one help pls order number8853360

same issue no response to my ticket yet : /  

My payment was canceled after having the same problem but paypal made the actual payment. So at the moment i didn't got a refund or the item. Still waiting for g2g to answer. But after all it is weekend :D. I had a good experience with this site before so i think it will be solved.Order nr. 8854395 . 

Same here order #8854869

interestingly, I am having this same problem, and now when I log in it tells me I have no recent orders, but i was still charged and I have the receipt and everything. Can anyone suggest a site that actually works and delivers?

We apologize for the inconvenience as there seems to be a delay with our Paypal payment gateway, and we have managed to refund and process all the pending order. If you're having any Paypal issues with your order, do let us know by emailing us at Thank you. 

its mistake, 2 order can u return the money pls  ?

As Fast u can

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