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requested payout, payout not delivered to paypal.

Monday - Friday
18:00 (GMT +8)

ive waited till 18:00 GMT and i made the payout request of 135$ at 9:40 GMT. i was told payout would be instant at 18:00 GMT. ive already checked with paypal, there is no issues with my account recieving money. i have waited the 7 days after selling my account, i tried to get my money off the site, and i still dont have any money. i have the store credit, it is gone now and my paypal balance hasnt changed. there hasnt even been live chat support today for me to get direct answers as to why i havnt recieved my payout. from my understanding, i should have recieved it at 18:00 GMT.

the link to the info i have read to bring me to the conclusion that i should have been sent my money.

Your payment shall be credited to your Paypal account today at 18:00 (GMT +8). Thank you. 

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