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Seller using stolen accounts.

Hello. I have a big issue.
I bought alot of ingame currency from a seller on this site. He had alot of sells and 99+% success rate.

After about a week, my account got banned and I receive a message saying that stolen currency has been returned to original owner and removed from my account. My account is now several hundred dollars in minus currency that needs to be paid back to log in.

The seller straight up ignores me and refuses to answer any questions.

Basicly, he's using stolen accounts and hacked accounts to steal currency and sell, take the money then ignore you.
He's down to 93% success rate for trades now and like 25+ downvotes in the last week.

This is obviously just scamming and is there any way to return the funds from this scamming seller?

2 people have this problem

Hi fukinkou,

First and foremost, we apologize on behalf of your difficulty that you facing. Pertaining your issue, kindly send us an email to our support email ( and address your issue there. Our respective team will reply and assist you from there.

Thank you.

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