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seller 9578445 (AlotofGold) is dishonest, I want a refund

As someone else mentioned they do not deliver and falsly advertise their products. They don't have the gold  they claim nor can they do it 1 hour.  I want a refund and this seller banned if possible. They promised 1 hour deliver and its been over 18. I contacted them via chat and they just give me the run around. Also, the number of orders they have processing has gone up( 52 -> 56) during this waiting period which leads me to believe that they don't have as much stock as they claim and they cannot meet their SLA of 1 hour just like the last time which took about 2-3 hours ( ORDER №9530997 ). Sellers shouldn't be allowed to list SLA or gold stock, it is easy to lie.

Copy of the conversation so far:

Me : ign: -Redacted-3:06AM    
Seller : Please give me time to prepare 3:11AM
Seller : Please give me time to prepare 3:11AM
Me : Any progress? It has been over 2 hours. 4:28AM
Seller : Now it's the late night gold and I need some time to prepare 4:29AM
Me : ready? 6:30AM
Me : Do you have the gold in stock or are you currently farming it? 9:01AM
Me : Any progress? 11:23AM
Seller : 1-4h 11:24AM
Me : are you ready? 6:13PM
Seller : This server is rare, please give me some time to collect 6:44PM
Me : Okay so you do not have the advertised amount of kinah. How much do you have right now? 9:17PM
Me : Hello Its been over 24 hours, how close are you to the goal? 5:48AM   

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