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AlotofGold ask me for 30 green&blue items to receave a golds?

 I just bought 3,000,000 golds from AlotofGold profile

He asked me to put 30 green or blue items on Auction House 100,000golds each ?

I told him I don't have that much and I gave him too many options:

1. trade me materials of any profession you want , and I will craft for you in no time then I'll sell back to you

2. I get 3 green items you can sell for 1,000,000 each

3. you trade me the 30 items, and I sell them back to you?

4. I'll be more flexible if you just have any other options

but he refused and he just told me to go farm golds and buy items to sell for him?

While most of other sellers can do face to face and/or more helpful and friendly in chat but not AlotofGold

NOW the order is not completed and he not answering me ....

Ok, so he gave me a time from 1 ti 7hours to deliver the golds

Now after 8hours, the seller ask me for char name? instead of item at action house?

and then he told me there is no such item at action house while the minmum time for items to expired from action house is 12hour

Then he told me to wait more time to make a transfer to complete the order ...


I just decided to cancel the order and open ticket on this issue,


My Order number:

ORDER №10510176

AlotofGold profile

So basically AlotofGold is a SCAM

So basically AlotofGold is a SCAM

do you have discord? add Enron#6989

I cancelled the order already, but I prefer to do anything relative to this subject here  ... otherwise you have some over then shot... let me what you got?

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