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G2G is Huge Fraud!

It's been almost 2 months and i can't withdraw my money because of a system error. I can see my money - but "Total Balance" is zero. I wrote that to support 17 times - they always give me standart copy - paste answer. So i applied customer court today - wrote them and still zero fucks given. It's been almost two months and they didn't care about my problem. So final decision is G2G is Huge Scam/Fraud. I believe all positive comments about G2G is writen by their staff on internet. 

And from now my money with interest rate is total 250$ at least. I would change my USD to TRY last month but they didn't gave me my money - so i am at lost.


By the way - your support channel seems to be hacked by simple Javascript injection. Such security - giving me trust issues.

100% Agree with you, purchased an account off of sellers username (dragonsong) and within 1 month the account i purchased was stolen back from me and I no longer have the account in my possession. I've contacted customer support numerous times the past 2 weeks and am always getting the exact same copy and pasted reply's like you are.  They simply don't care, and I hope they get shut down soon so they can stop scamming people out of money. I'm considering turning them over to the proper authorities to have them investigated.

I'm half sad - half glad to hear that Jason - i'm in contact with Google now - i'll be sure they blacklist G2G - we'll cut all traffic from Chrome and Google (like all of them)..

They have the courage to send threat emails....
I have 13 euro locked....this is not the problem...but the problem are their behaviour

same my money is locked too shouldn't have trusted them in the first place.

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