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Thumbs UP and Thumbs DOWN

Hi i'm a seller i reached 48 level on seller account, but noticed that only 4 people had left to me a thumbs. 3 positive and 1 negative, and now my account show a 75% of satisfacted people, but it is not true, there are many more! The problem is at the eyes of the buyer, i will be a bad seller, 75% is really few, but it's not true that data. My suggest is to modify thumbs up or down as feedback, or easy find another way to show customer satisfacted. It is runing me and you and all other sellers. Thanks you for the attention

Yea i also had a problem with a buyer . I think he wasnt good with computers or didnt know how the game works and the thumbs down me. After i explained to him where he did wrong he just thanked me and went offline leaving me with the thumb down :( . I have 100% success rate but 1 thumb down :( 

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