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CSGObest is a scammer

Please carefull with this seller will give all the details for you to change..the next day he will retrieve the acc back through steam..I have all the evidence..

1 person has this problem

please dont buy any acc with him

Why are u not using g2g chat system to to communicate , u know any chat outside of g2g CANNOT be taken as any proof ?

owh wow..u are his friend?kind a back him up..LOL

If u are,send my regards to him. Coz he is too poor scam for just 20++ usd..

i dont know who this is but atleast i know how to use the g2g site.

There is info writen that u should only use g2g chat system but seems u dont know how to read.


Haha..What ever..G2G already replied my tickets before this and they had no problems with all the evidence i provided.
So you dont have to worry ok..=)

 I m trying to help you in the future so u dont get scammed srsly.

Only chat with sellers using g2g chat is the best.

Nah..Things already happen. Common sense. If u are a scammer,will u reply on the g2g chat?I guess no right..

This kid is too poor. His parents might not giving him enough pocket money and thats why he decide to scam people. The most sad things is scam for just 20+ usd..



Admin are useless

Already got my refund in store credit..Case Closed.

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