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ArcheAge: Auction House selling guide

Modified On: 2019-08-07 13:07:33 +0800

1. Seller must provide video recording, starting from examining the buyer's items. Video editing is not allowed.

2. Video recording must show game server.

3. Before trading, please double check the auction house if there is any other list similar to the one listed by the buyer. If yes, please contact the buyer immediately and request to change to a different item. If there is no similar list, proceed to trade.

Note: Auction house will sort and display based on the name or rarity of the item. If it display multiple pages of items, the video recording must show seller examining every pages starting from the first page, otherwise it will not be possible to determine if there is any other similar list.

4. Click on Buy.

5. If the item listed has expired, please contact the buyer immediately to change the quantity of the item and relist it again before buying.

6. Seller is fully liable for non-compliance of this guideline.

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