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World of Warcraft: Delivery proof requirement


Due to the update in version 10.1.5, which allows cross-realm face-to-face trading, the proof requirements for face-to-face trading in World of Warcraft has been updated. Sellers must provide video proof of the following:

1. The recording must show the seller's character ID, server, and region.

2. The system should provide reminders regarding the buyer's character ID and server when initiating the trade.

3. The recording should also include the quantity of the transaction.

4. The system should provide a notification when the transaction is completed.

Auction House

In the 8.3 World of Warcraft update, Blizzard has made many significant changes to the Auction House system. As such, we have come up with new delivery proof requirements for sellers offering Auction House trading method. 

By offering Auction House trading method, you signify your agreement to these requirements and you shall be bound by the same. If you do not agree to any of these requirements, do not provide Auction House trading method. 

Delivery proof requirements: 

1. Delivery proof must be provided in video recording format. 

2. In the video, you are required to search for the item put on sale in AH. Find the item with a matching price and purchase the item offered by the buyer's character ID. Then open the in-game mailbox to receive the item, showing the character ID who sold you the item. 

3. Return to the character selection page and show the server list. 

Additional note: 

- We recommend using Battle Pet or Gear as AH sales item. 

- This notice applies only to World of Warcraft, and does not affect World of Warcraft Classic server.

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