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Lost Ark: Delivery proof requirement

Format: Video


The video recording should start from mailing gold to the buyer, deletion of mailing record, and finally upon logging out of the game, show the server where you are located.


You are required to confirm the item name, remaining time, starting bid and buy-in price with the buyer, and ensure that the item name/remaining time/starting bid and buy-in price is unique. If there are identical items, you need to re-select new items with the buyer. After the transaction, log out to display the server list.

Starting bid must be same as buy now price.


The video recording must show the buyer's character name, quantity traded, the quantity of gold before and after trade, and finally the server name.

Additional remark

Sellers may have to rejoin the queue again after showing the server. As an alternative, sellers can click the Find Party button to create lobby. Then mouse over to the lobby master character to show its information such as server, class and character name.

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