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Where and How to Keep Track of Your Reflinks!

As a affiliator, the creation of reflinks is a pivotal step in maximizing your impact. Discover the centralized hub where you can effortlessly manage all your reflinks with ease.

My Reflink

This section displays a list of your reflinks.
At the top of the section, there is a summary of your earnings from “Total commissions”, “Total members”, and “Total transactions” since you enrolled.

The default display shows the newest created reflink at the top, but it is still under the user profile reflink.

At the right end of each link, there are three dots consisting of menus for further actions. Those are:

  • Edit
  • View more
  • Remove

The reflink list can be filtered by date. A search bar is also available, and you can find your reflink by typing its name.

To see the detailed transactions of each reflink, you can click the reflink's name or go to the menu at the right end and click "View more".

Detail Transaction

This page displays information about the detailed transactions of each reflink.

This page consists of three sections:

  1. Detail reflink
  2. Top 5 countries and regions by clicks
  3. Detail transactions

Detail reflink section displays information about the reflink name and its page link.

Top 5 countries and regions by clicks displays information about users' top click traffic. This data is represented by a map and the number of clicks that came from each of the top 5 countries/regions.

Detail transactions displays detailed information on each transaction made through the reflink. The information consists of date transactions, transaction ID, commissions, country, and status.

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