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Any game request that you would like to be featured, you can post your suggestion here.

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New Ideas and Suggestions? Let us know!

Greetings! G2G is launching it's own helpdesk portal so our clients can post their suggestion or recommendation. This platform provides us a valuable method to engage with our customers so we can improvise our products and services.   We hope...

25 about 9 hours ago
by G2G
Sellers False Advertise Their Stock Of Items+No Way To Message Before Purchase

Title pretty much sums it up my very first purchase here went well but ever since every single person i have tried to buy currency/gold from has lied or false advertised about having stock and after waiting 6-10x the "said"...

13 12 minutes ago
by lena
Guaranteed 1 hour....

What a wonderful experience I had.... Not even close. Seller not responding.. not responding to tickets.. But again they got their money so why give a shit if I get my order or not? DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM...

1 about 4 hours ago
by Rob
1 hour

I;m very confuse 1 hour buy gold been 4 days way are all the seller saying with in 1 hour ?????

2 about 9 hours ago
by duog
I want to receive email notification when someone write me on G2G CHAT

I want to receive email notification when someone write me on G2G CHAT. Is this possible?

3 2 days ago
by Mert
G2G mobile app.

Hello, didnt found any, so making post. You should make mobile app for gold selling, first of all needed manage listings page, ability talk with buyers and sound message if something sold. Could be reaally handy. PS If there already...

7 7 days ago
by Nikolay
Would be nice if we still able to see the screenshots/acount details after purchase

I just bought a acount i checked the screenshots and so on but after purchase is there still any way to see these screenshots? I took one screenshot of the items but is there a way to still see the...

1 16 days ago
by Stefan
New categories of selling for Dota 2

You can add new categories of services for Dota2 like "low priority", "other", "training", "dota+" etc. The suggestings may be next: clean 1-2-3-5 low priority games pay first 100 games to open MMR parsing errors\replays +1\2\3\ lvls to dota+ hero...

1 about 1 month ago
by Margarita
A lot of confusion

Earlier I made a purchase and have anxiously been waiting it to be verified. Finally I open it and get this “We regret to inform that this order is currently pending for verification purposes. Rest assured that the respective department...

1 about 1 month ago
by Christian
Payment methods

Dear G2G, open withdraw on WebMoney please, in my country, PayPal works terribly(I cant get money from other countries),so I cant withdraw my money from your site.Is that possible to activate WebMoney on my account?Im verfied and full true seller,want...

1 about 1 month ago
by Bohdan
Lowest price filter

Hello im using lowest price filter ( not profession or default ) and it seems somehow lowest price is not in top1? how it works? is it because of some bug? 

1 about 1 month ago
by aleksandr
New game: Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

I know some people will be interested in boosting services for this game as you need skill for some skins. Platforms are Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox.

1 about 1 month ago
by Onur
How to report a seller

Report a seller

1 2 months ago
by Priyanka

I don't find the paysafecard payment method anymore, did u remove that?

9 3 months ago
by Samuele
Super dancer game

Hello, everyone Is anyone make recharge super dancer? Then i also have a lots of friend need recharge that game. Btw, my line id vambern Thank you Have a good day

1 3 months ago
by loi
Beta chat notification

We really need notifications for the beta chat. It's often necessary to ask questions prior to purchase, and beta chat allows us to do that but unless the seller checks their beta chat often it's useless.

3 4 months ago
by jeffersan
I cant sell coins inDurango:The wild lands

Hello. İ wanna sell game coins inDurango(androidgame). But There isnt this game in g2g. When İ say peoples in game "doyou want to buy game coins with real money" ,They dont trust me naturally. Please add this game websites. There...

1 4 months ago
by Cengiz
Add buyer commnet

 You have to add buyer comment on seller page, so buyer can write his experience with seller.

2 5 months ago
by Jovan
Chat gmail notification

hello admin good night I have an idea I want every time there is a chat in there is always a notification in gmail. because I don't know if there is chat because I use Android so I like to...

2 5 months ago
by Ilham
Add any game

 Let seller add to sell any game he want, not only from the list.

1 5 months ago
by Jovan
New chat

hey g2g. Can you add normal webchat in the same page with order details? New beta chat nobody reading, cause it doesn't have notifications. Old chat a lot of people just ignore. We need chat on the same page and...

3 6 months ago
by Evgeny
Console Accounts

 I think it would be nice to add a new section, like accounts for game consoles, keys like: Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold or PS+

1 6 months ago
by Alexander
New game: AstroKings

I would like a new game added to the site called astrokings on android and ios.

1 6 months ago
by Joseph
Heres a BRILLIANT idea

- Have someone check the tickets not just autoreply the same thing over and over. - Have people work at the phone number you list for help not just a msg saying nobody is available and hang up on you...

2 6 months ago
by Jamie Kizis
New payment methods

Alright, as much as I'm beginning to love this site there's only one small problem and that is the payment methods. I'm just saying, as I used to buy game items from seagm before they always offered a variety of...

1 6 months ago
by Abdul
Critical Ops Game

Could you please add one game on your website? Game called Critical ops (C ops) and it’s shooter-game. You already have that game on but nobody doing anything with game.

1 6 months ago
by Egor

I certainly apologize. but the beta chat is just awful. 1. There is no possibility to delete contacts. 2. In the beta chat there is no possibility of grouping. 3. Order notifications work very poorly. 3. After I turned off...

1 6 months ago
by no
Paypal does not work in my country Lebanon, our best solution is Western Union.

Hi G2G, If it would be possible to accept Western Union for USD or a new currency Lebanese Pounds to my country Lebanon, as I cannot withdraw with Paypal. Please and Thank you. 

3 7 months ago
by Andy
Age for using the site being a seller

From what age I can fully use your site to sell items and boost accounts?

1 8 months ago
by Dmitriy
New Withdrawal Rules

Not so long ago, new withdrawal rules were applied on the site. There was no information about that and I was a bit confused when I found out that only PayPal withdrawals are available for Normal sellers. Of course, PayPal...

9 9 months ago
by Eugene

Site Patch & Updates

What's new on G2G Marketplace

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G2G Marketplace New Theme 2017

For the past year, our dev team has been working tirelessly to bring you a fresh new G2G marketplace experience. We have revamped pretty much the whole site with a new feel and look, more user friendly interface, and best...

13 about 1 month ago
by G2G
G2G Beta Chat Update 03 June 2019

Great news G2G Marketplace users! We have enhance our G2G chat to by introducing new features to improve user experience: 1. Upload attachment - Drag & drop feature - Anti virus scanning 2. Push notification (will rollout in the next...

1 5 months ago
by Yin
Release 3.42

1. Required user to upload photo ID + selfie during verification process.

3 11 months ago
by Yin
Release - 3.37

1. Product listing responsive view layout enhancement.

1 about 1 year ago
by G2G
Release - 3.34

1. Buyers are now able to view screenshots uploaded by seller at Purchase Order page. Likewise, sellers will also be able to view what they have uploaded in Sold Order page.

1 over 1 year ago
by G2G
Release - 3.32

1. Fixed user profile banner layout issue in mobile view. 2. Create Listing Page content update for “TOP UP” & “SKIN” service

1 over 1 year ago
by G2G
Release - 3.31

1. Phone verify for seller registration 2. Reposition ‘Add more’ button for CSGO create listing 3. Update latest top 10 Payment method at footer bar

1 over 1 year ago
by G2G
Patch Update: 16th May 2018

1. Removed email notification to customer when new order created. 2. Add search bar for CSGO inventory at create listing. 3. Enhance navigation with auto scroll to corresponding section at create listing. 4. Limit recently view(10) and filtering product listing(10)...

1 over 1 year ago
by G2G
Release - 3.20

Support CS:GO skins by using official Steam CS:GO inventory.

1 over 1 year ago
by G2G