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How do I complete the identity verification?

We recommend you to use a mobile device with the following browsers for verification, as mobile device camera is able to capture image clearer compare to a webcam or computer:

Android: Firefox / Chrome

iOS: Safari

1. Scan the QR code using the barcode scanner app installed in your mobile phone or tablet. 

For iOS: You may use the stock camera app with built-in QR scanner.

For Android: You may install QR Scanner apps from Play Store.

Alternatively, you may also verify through web browser in your computer with a webcam.

2. Please remember to select your country / region and type of document correctly.

3. Prepare your document. Do note that only a physical identification card is accepted. Position your document (a valid driving license, passport or ID card issued by your government) precisely within the frame. Make sure the image is clear, no glare and the wordings are readable. Then click on the camera button to capture the image.

4. Click confirm after you have successfully captured a clear image. Otherwise you may retake again.

5. Now do the same for the back of your ID card.

6. Then confirm again after you have taken a clear image.

7. You will then be prompted to take a selfie. Click Start Now to continue.

8. To take your selfie, position your face precisely within the frame. Remember not to wear sunglasses, hat, or any accessories which may obstruct your face. Do stand against a clear wall when taking the selfie.

9.  Follow the instructions given (making an expression such as smiling as the camera). 

10. Then click on capture button to take your selfie.

11. Confirm once you have taken a clear picture, or click the retake button if you wish to try again.

12. The system will notify you when you have successfully completed the process.

13. If you are having problems taking the pictures correctly, you may contact our support for assistance. Please provide your mobile phone model and browser, attach a screenshot / video so we can assist you to troubleshoot the problem.

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