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trade completed but no gold recieved.

I've waited 3 days for the gold-seller to come and trade me and it says that we've completed the trade. We haven't done any trade and he hasn't contacted me yet. I don't know what to do and I can't contact the live support.

Hi Niklas,

According to your purchase history, 6001648 was refunded because you have not verified your PayPal email with us for 48 hours :

PayPal Refund Transaction ID: 4SD91098RB1689334

Then 6011129 was not successfully paid and 6013989 was verified and delivered accordingly. Sincerest apologies for the inconveniences caused and the delayed response. If you have any inquiry, you may write to us via

 There has been withdrawn money from my paypal account, but I have not received a gold

Hi Robin,

Sorry for the delayed response. We have checked on your profile and it seems that the delay was due to the requirement for you to verify you PayPal e-mail address with us. It seems that you have done so and your purchase 6153703 have completed. We apologize shall there be any inconveniences caused.

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