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G2G mobile app.

Hello, didnt found any, so making post. You should make mobile app for gold selling, first of all needed manage listings page, ability talk with buyers and sound message if something sold. Could be reaally handy.

PS If there already exist one, guide me plz!

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We will check with our respective department and get back to you via email once there is an updates.


Hi Nikolay,

Pertaining to your request about the mobile apps for gold selling, currently we do not have this option. However, we will consider this in the future for sure. Thank you for your idea.

indeed, an app with push notification would be great, since we cant spend all day to sit in front of pc, im usually waiting for email but sometimes there is such a delay. can cr8 some bot to send auto msg to seller's chat app suach as line/whatsapp/gtalk or something.

actually it would be great if between seller can have a chat, 

as boosting provider, sometimes we just had too much order , it would be great if we can offer it to another seller or we can even helping each other between seller without asking our buyer to cancel their order which made our success rate dropping even thought the cancellation was for a greater purpose where buyer can get their order completed faster, and another seller can get an order as well.

Hello. Robin. Our respective department will consider about your suggestion if mobile apps created. Thank you.


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