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No gold and no contact

I choose this seller as it was within an hour, yet over an hours past and nothing.

See order number ORDER# 7891799 (2016-11-02 18:15:45)

What I can see on the order page is....

02 Nov 2016 

We would like to inform you that the seller is looking for you in G2G chat. Please login to the website and proceed to contact the seller.

You may use the built-in “Chat” feature in your order page to contact the seller.

Yet I'm sat in this Chat WAITING for them - which is frankly irritating, not to mention I would NOT have chosen them if it stated more than an hour as I have to leave VERY soon.
So what is the recommended action here? I've purchased Gold from someone who is wrongly stating they can deliver in an hour when they clearly cant and yet cant make any attempt to contact me and say ohh sorry we are running late.......

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same here

Order# 7929316 (2016-11-15 02:10:33)

Hi Hannah and saood

It appears that both your orders are in completed status. Thank you.

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