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clash royale account


i buy clash royale account and i dont get the account information

what to do?


hi there,

may i know name of seller for your issue above?

im not a staff from g2g btw, i was just wondering if this post have anything to do with me since i did get 3 notification for your posting above.

thank you


the name of the seller is tinian12

well then its not me btw, make me even wondering why would i got the notification for your post.

btw, dont worry about getting scammed.

first thing to do is to contact the seller from chat and make sure your order in purchase history just in case he already sent the information.

while some seller might not able to online everyday or even worst he just missed the email its up to buyer how long you guys willing wait for him

just contact g2g support in live chat when you dont want to wait anymore, they will help you cancel the order or trying to send email again to him.

g2g have secury process which seller wont able to withdraw their money from selling account for at least 7 days depends on how long they put that listing insurance

even after the order was completed, seller still wont able to withdrawn their money, so just contact the live chat if you have any issue.

Hi Roi seems like your order is already completed. Thank you.

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