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Dont received in time


i bought gold from the seller Good . On begining i have got instruction what to do and he say "order will be completed within 40 hours"

Now its more then 40 hours and nothing. Im tried to contant seller but without answer.

ORDER# 7957005 (2016-11-24 05:36:31)


you could ask g2g staff to cancel your order if your dont willing to wait any longer. he might out of stock or got his stock banned as we all know, selling gold is prohibited by their publisher in everygame :D

and i also believe due to language matter some seller might not able to chat alot

fyi : im no staff from g2g, im just an old buyer and small seller too :D

Hi Marek, your order has been refunded but subsequent orders placed by your are already completed. Thank you.

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