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Seller Joy is rude and does not deliver on time as promised

Seller Joy still has not answered my question or responded at all frankly and it's been over 2 and a half hours since purchase... I am still waiting for delivery.  I don't understand how he/she is ranked fastest for delivery lol

Be warned! does not respond and does not deliver purchased goods (close to 3 hours and still waiting.)


Update:  THE DELIVERY WAS SHORT! It was 6 billion in kinah and not 10 billion like I ordered.  the not only the short delivery, Joy took 3 hours to deliver and not 1 hour as promised.  I will be reporting this bullcrap to PayPal

if you feel like getting screwed, order from Joy ;) 


Hi Harun, since you have reported this matter to PayPal, we shall respond to your inquiries via PayPal Resolution Centre instead. Thank you. 

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