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I have been waiting 20 hours and still no in game money

first my order # is  8101307   and my sellers name is Thanku. I am trying to buy kinah for aion and have waited nearly 20 hours for my purchase. I was told to cancel my order and try another buyer however I do not want to wait another 20 hours for a product i have already purchased. When i got on it said his stock was plenty full and I could get my kinah within an hour. after about said time it went from an hour to contact g2g so i did and they of course told me to cancel which i cannot even figure how to do if i even can. I honestly dont want any trouble i just want my in game money. I had a seller named tommy who helped me last week and he was amazing very quick and very professional this Thanku individual refuses to answer some of my questions and has given me very vague and almost rude responses. As i have said i just want my kinah so i can play my game

and now my order was forcibly cancelled without any information on if i would be getting my in game money or actual money back and no way to find out how. I have waited an entire day for a product that i had already paid for this is absolutely ridiculous

 Hi Sean,

In regards to your recent complaint on order 8101307, G2G recognizes the importance of providing quality service and we are deeply regretful to learn of the difficulties that you have encountered. We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention. The seller has been warned not to repeat the offense, do accept our utmost apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Your order was subsequently canceled due to the seller informing us that item was out of stock

NOTE : Your order has been refunded to your account in Store Credit. Please place a new order with the Store Credit available. 

ORDER №10111152 Seller promises 20 hours delivery time, and well the 20 hours window closed 20 minutes ago. I am a very firm believer in if you promise a delivery time you better dam well meet that time. So something needs to be done about this ASAP, I don't want store credit bullcrap I want my gold I paid for and they have 11 mintues to get it to me. 

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