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Buyer changed ETA after sale, cannot contact even though it shows "Online"

Specifically chose buyer because of the 1hr delivery ETA. An hour and a half after the purchase was made, the ETA suddenly changed to 48 hours. Cannot reach the seller even though their status reads as online. Can't wait online for 48 hours for the trade, considering cancelling sale to try another service...

As your seller currently appears to be online on the website, we have requested for our respective team to inquire with him if he would be able to deliver the order within the hour.  Should he be unable to for any reason, the respective team shal instead be notifying the supplier to cancel his Sales Order before cancellation of your purchase order and refund can be effected.  You shall be notified via email upon successful cancellation and refund to Store Credits within 30 minutes.

Thereafter, you may place a fresh order from another reliable seller using the Store Credits available on your account.


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