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Sold a game account the order for the buyer went smoothly but now i cannot withdraw that money ?!

Ok so i sold a game account but now i cannot withdraw the money what on earth is going on ?! in the picture below you can see im suppose to have around 90eur but in seller credits it still shows 0eur, and in completed order history it shows those 90eur....

I even submitted my photo id for vertification and still i cannot withdraw the only message i get is this : 

Due to the current volatility in exchange rates, seller credit conversion will not be available temporarily.
Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

and : 

Balance for withdraw : No pending balance

Hi Jure
Based on our check on your order, your seller credits should clear into your account for withdrawal approximately 7 days from the order completion date (which was on the 13th), thus do allow a few more days to pass before trying again.  We thank you for your patience.


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