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ORDER# 8214481 Past delivery time NO Reply at all from seller Handmade

This delivery is past due and the seller will not reply to me even tho it shows he is online and has been all day. No reply to my messages in chat at all. What is going on here? Where is my delivery I paid for? If it was going to be late or the seller didnt have the stock to deliver I would have not placed the order to begin with!!! I want to know what is going on here immediately!

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I am trying to give this guy a chance before i go ahead and tell them to just refund my money. I really want what i paid for. Its been way over 24 hours now and the seller has made many excuses as to why more time is needed over and over.. im nearly our of patience.

I am having an issue with the user Handmade as well.  Did you ever receive the items you ordered?  

 same problem with handmade, late order

Same here too this guy hasn't delivered what I purchased. Its been over 50 hours.

Same problem with the user Handmade. Not delivering anything, not responding my messages.

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