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I do not receive the paypal verification email!

I do not receive the paypal verification email!

Please send!

Hi Zharif,

It seems that your order has been processed by system and you may contact the Seller using chat button on the order page to arrange the delivery.

i've the same problem: do not recive the paypal One Time verification email

Hello, Alvaro. We have resent to your email and kindly check your spam & junk folder.


ive not gotten the verification email but ive been charged

same here. i havent got my verification paypal email

Same for me. I havent got the verification email but still been charged.

Yeah same here extinz. I haven't received that Pay Pal verification email but it says that I have been charged. The order says that it is processing but 10 hours later I have not received the gems.

same problem happening with me

Encountered same issue. Could you please check, what is the source of the problem I experience. On my order screen, it states the payment was recieved and that I should contact G2G support. The verification status is present around 46 minutes.

Thank you in advance. 

same here


same  i didnt get the email

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