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2 hours of estimated time passed but still haven't received item

2 hours of estimated time passed but I still haven't got my order. I've contacted the seller through chat but seller hadn't responded. Kindly take care of this matter. My order id is:

ORDER# 8616066  

Hi Subhankar,

We are in the midst to be in touch with the seller to expedite the delivery of your order. Kindly allow us some time while we contact the seller and we would notify you immediately once seller ready to deliver. 

Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for the response. The seller contacted me and told me that I provided wrong apple id where I found my village getting logged in from another device. I again sent him the id and password but after that he hadn't responded yet. It's way much more than the estimated time of my order getting done. This is my first time of purchasing something from here and this experience is not going much well. Kindly take care of this matter. Thank you

We have informed the seller to response to you on G2G chat again.


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