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Haven't received items

My two orders 8615094 and 8618455 have both gone over the delevery time and have not had contacted. First order was almost two days ago. 

Sorry for bad grammar. I have not been in contact with them at all after sending them messages

Hi Dylan,

Kindly be informed that we are in the midst to be in touch with the seller to expedite the delivery of your order

(8615094 & 8618455). Kindly allow us some time while we contact the seller and we would notify you immediately once seller ready to deliver. 

Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Your welcome and you shall be notified once your orders have been delivered by the seller respectively.

In regards to your order 8618455, it appears that your purchase has been delivered and also completed. As for the order 8615094 , we have cancelled the purchase and the refund of store credits are now in your G2G account. 

Thank you.

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