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No item received, seller not replying. Order was 5 hours and its been nearly 24 hours now

Good Afternoon,

I made a purchase yesterday evening and the item was said to be received in 5 hours. After 11pm i contacted the seller the first time and had no response. i then waited until the morning, sent another message with no response and have recently contacted them again.

It has been 24 hours now and its a little annoying, i have had fantastic service in the past and want to continue using this site.

Thank you

We apologize on behalf of the supplier for the unpleasant experience. We are in the midst to be in touch with the seller to expedite the delivery of your order. Kindly allow us some time while we contact the seller and we would notify you immediately once seller ready to deliver.

Issue still hasnt been resolved, seller said it would be 1-2.5 hours and its now been another 4. i have been waiting for my order now for 48 hours. Usually have good service but this is really annoyed me.

Hi Michael,

It seems our seller has delivered your order 8626628. You may confirm and complete your order 8626628 through our website accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you

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