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seller not responding

The seller advertises one hour delivery and its been over 5 hours. They have not been responding to my chat. Please help.

ORDER# 8656721

In regards to your order, the seller has actually indicated a 1 hour response and delivery time for your order if he is online, and 48 hours if offline. Kindly allow this period for the seller to keep in touch with you via chat.  

Please let us know if he still does not respond within this time frame.


Your patience is much appreciated and do let us know if you have any questions.

The seller was online at the time of purchase. I do not buy from offline sellers.

He has never gone offline. Please contact him.

Please give me a store credit refund so i may buy from someone else

We do apologize that this order has been canceled and refunded. Kindly try place a new order and the next order will proceed accordingly.

I ordered 22 keys (rocket league) an hour ago and I have not arrived

I ordered 22 keys an hour ago and I have not arrived

I order 22 keys (rocket league) an hour ago and I have not arrived  

8906900  this is my order number and i still waiting my order and i didnt get any response while the seller is online

what should i do ?


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