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payment ORDER# 8688864


for the 4th time today tried to use paypal balance to pay my order, paypal got withdrawed but order still says no payment was made.

please solve this asap.

transaction ids : 





1 person has this problem

It appears that your order is now complete and delivered. We will now deem this ticket inquiry as resolved.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and should you have any inquiries or require any assistance for your order, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries.

In regards to the order 8687622 and 8687534, please let us know if you wish to have the orders refunded or processed. 
Thank you. 

there was 4 orders total.

one got resolved and delivered but still 3 missing, you only mentionned 2.

Am looking for a total refund please on all three.


order numbers :




also opened paypal dispute yesterday since i couldn't reach you.

Please be inform that your order 8687594 has been reversed to your card, it will take up to 2 week times to reversed. For your order 8687520, 8687622 &8687534 you have filed a dispute on this order, our respective team will refund to you latest by Tuesday. 

alright, thanks!

You're most welcome. For further updates, you may contact PayPal resolution center to check as well :) 

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