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Waiting on a seller

I have done 2 past transactions with this seller recently and they have delivered within the 1 hour time frame even earlier. Now I am waiting and its been past the time and there is no response in-game either.

Seller Online Status is Online.

Hi Steven, 

Kindly provide us your order ID in order for us to assist you for further checking.

Thank you.

Order #8707677

Hi Steven,

Kindly be informed that this is the seller online status as below. You may get back with on the next day if the seller did not fulfill the promising timeline.

Online Hr : 1
Offline Hr : 24

However, we have informed the seller to respond and expedite the delivery of your order. Hopefully, the seller can respon to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Alright thanks.

It seems that your order has been delivered and completed. We thank you for patience and support regarding your order.

i take 1 day and seller tell me he  didn't have money talk with support

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