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ORDER# 8737838

Seller isn't responding to my messages, delivery is supposed to be 1-4 hours and it's been almost a day? 

I don't need a refund, I just want my gems. 

We have informed the seller to respond to you on G2G chat.


Thank you. :) 

The seller still hasn't even read my messages, can I get a refund so I can get my gems from another seller? Thank you
Yes. We haven notified our respective department and it will be canceled into store credit. Besides, you may try seller XiongTengy if you need the gems urgently.


This seller has linked my Android account to an unknown Apple ID and hasn't told me what it is? Is there any way you can get them to tell me it? I'm unable to buy gems until then on this account

Kindly provide us your order number so we can check with them.


It was ORDER# 8737838

We have escalated to our respective department and get back to you via email once there is an update.


rory did anything happen to your account after you get your gems?

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