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ORDER# 8743375

Stuck on processing and told to contact support?

We are in the midst to be in touch with the seller to expedite the delivery of your order. Kindly allow us some time while we contact the seller and we would notify you immediately once seller ready to deliver.

You can click on the "Chat Now" button to arrange delivery with the supplier. You could find the contact seller button in your order details by clicking the order number in your order history.

already arranged everything with him via chat, just hasnt done anything since then 

Great :D Do let us know if you have more question. Have a good night. 

perhaps you misunderstood, i followed his instructions to get my product, but he hasnt responded for over 2 hours,

We do apologize for the wrong reply sent previously. Our G2G team had left a message to the seller regarding this. Seller will proceed to your order asap. 

thanks, i appreciate it!

You're most welcome. Cheers. If the seller doesn't respond to you. Do get back to us and we will assist you on the cancellation. Once the credit has been refunded to you, you may place a new order from a different seller. 

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