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Contact G2G Support Here

Contact G2G Support Here 

Your order is processing and you can contact seller via G2G chat.


i've contacted the seller 2 and a half hours ago, no reply. 

Hi again,

It seems both of your orders (8871062 & 8870405) are delivered by our seller previously. You may confirm your orders through website. Please do not hesitate to contact us through email for any enquiry.

Thank you

The seller told me to cancel my order and order a new one on the right server, could you cancel my order so I can continue , pls. thanks

ORDER №9103674

Hi roni.andrews,

Kindly be informed that your order 9103674 has been canceled and refunded to you with Store Credit. Please check accordingly. You may place new order with the refunded amount of Store Credit and the next order will proceed accordingly. We thank you for your patience regarding this matter and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

i bought gold. im new to this.. i i dont understand i choose auction house, and i donnt know is the seller supposed to contact me should i get email with instructions how to proceed with the ah trade or what? ..  ORDER №9625054

I am waiting for ORDER №9670560

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