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1 day has passed and still nothing

Referring to order #8892558 i still receive nothing. Yesterday the seller tell me that he was able to be the delivery today but still nothing and he doesn't answer to my chat. the announce said that the delivery will take only an hour.. hope you fix this, thanks.

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the seller answer to me and now i'm waiting for the delivery in a couple of days or i'm going to ask to cancel the order..

Please let us know if you wish to wait for the seller to deliver your order or have the order cancelled / refunded?

Thank you

if you say to me that the refund is fast (so i can make another order) then i want to cancel the order and refund.. thanks

The refund in store credits for the cancellation will be provided your G2G account approximately within 30 minutes from now. You may then use the store credits to  make another order with a different seller. We will have you notified through a separate email once the  store credit is refunded to your G2G account. Do let us know if you wish to proceed with the refund or provide a little more time for the seller. 

Refund me so i'm able to make another order from different seller! thanks

We have escalated your order for cancellation and will notify you by email once we have received the updates on this matter. We thank you for your patience and please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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