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cancel status


I made an order today that was starting to become long (the estimated time being 1 hour), the status of the order was "pending" but when I reloading the page, it became "cancel status" . I did not touch anything and that the payment is in "operation to come" by the bank, the strangest being that the cancel took place ... tomorrow as the picture shows.

I will soon be debited when the transaction was canceled unintentionally, what will happen now ?

thank you for your attention


It appears that the payment for your order has been declined by the card issuer. You are advised to contact your card issuer for further assistance as they did not provide us with more information due to confidentiality.

Alternatively, you may:

1. use another card to place order

2. attempt to use your card via PayPal option

Eu fiz a compra e o pagamento e é declarado como cancelado, por quê?

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