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ORDER №9025185

I got the game accaunt details and the email password and name but the email password was not right and i asked him if i need the email and he said no. I trusted him and then i go on the game accaunt change every singel thing and after a few hours he got into the accaunt and changed the email to the exact same email that he typed in the accaunt details and changed every thing. Pls help me. i want my money back if possible. :(

Hi Sebastjan, can you please send us the screenshots to show what you claim to be so that we may escalate this issue to the respective department for investigation?

We will be waiting for your speedy reply. Thank you.

Here is the screenshot that was taken after the order a few houres later. After this email my password was changer and every thing else. If i tried recovering it it wouldent let me beacuse the email that he send me the password was false and i couldent go on the email to claim the account back.


Thank you for submitting the screenshot. We will notify you if we require further information from you.

Can you send us the screenshot of the login information retrieve from your G2G order  page as provided by the seller.

Kindly send the screenshot to

Here is the screenshot of the login informaiton that i got from the seller.

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