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Seller trying to sell something he obviously doesn't have

Hey G2G,

12 hours ago, I bought 100000 gold from EternalGold. The delivery time should be approx. 1 hour.
Also, as you can see in the screen dump, he is selling something that he doesn't have. What can we do to solve this problem?
Btw, as you can see this guy is NOT speaking fluent english (which was promised) and also he doesn't seem to care a shit about me.

Best regards,

Daniel Thybo Rasmussen


ORDER NUMBER; # 9119702


Kindly be informed that your order 9119702 has been canceled and refunded to you with Store Credit. Please check accordingly. You may place new order with the refunded amount of Store Credit and the next order will proceed accordingly. We thank you for your patience regarding this matter and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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