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Purchased , delivered but not all

I buy 490000 gold coins, but only reicived 420000, 

first of all i buy with person vs person trade, and the seller wants me to use AH , its ok for me , but AH have a fee , and the seller dosnt want to give me the rest of the gold.

he said we will deliver the gold by MAIL, and he say he sent the money, but i didnt reicive anything .

hope you guys can do something cause i pay for 490000, not 420000 .


one more thing , i choose fast delevery, 1 hour, the seller make me wait more than 18 hours 

seller   # 9333391

We will have a check with our respective department and get back to you via email once there is an update.


i reicived only 420000 because Action house  fee, but i buy with person to person tranfer, so i dont have to pay any fee. thanks 

Kindly allow us some time to check with the seller and get back to you.


so , what did he say? 

what you guys gonna do? 

hope you guys fix this insue , thank you

All fixed with seller , can close the ticket , thank you 

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