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Be carefull !! Some sellers are SCAM !!

Hi, I've been scammed by a big g2g seller. His name is "ASUNTI". I wanted to have more informations on what he was selling so I pm him on skype, we talked about the account and then he proposed me another account very interresting, I accepted and I trusted him because of his success rate in g2g (99%). So is this site a scam of just me who is unlucky .. I've lost 350euros

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you can cancel order

or is it too late?

too late of course he asked me to be payed in WU, I didn't know this way of payment and I didn't know this was only for poor eu bullshit country --'

I also was scammed nothing I can do about it and out $250.00 US .. his Discord name is Novak... he used this steam trade url: ... steam name : BECAME TO ME... this too was through g2g name there is also Novak... I have reported his ID in Steam but that is as far as I can go at the moment unfortunately unless others have ideas for me..

I also got scammed by ASUNTI on the 25/1/18. I payed via paypal friends and family. I've already notified paypal and it is under review though. He posted in a different website (ownedcore). And followed me on this forum. 

got one scammer of 3 sellers till now i overthink my buisess with them o protect whats so ever

SMStore are a scam as well. They give the account and then hack it, take it back and resell on G2G.  Why are G2G not doing anything about it?  I emailed them and provided the proof with screenshots. They said they would get back to me but never did.  Very disappointing

Yes I got scammed too by ASUNTI.

The scammer here is G2G... They canceled my order that was paid.

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