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Order # 9473857 (Large Skill Injectors X59 via Topgamers)

The seller sold me X59 Large Skill Injectors for Eve-online, promised delivery within 1 hour. It took the seller to reply via chat over an hour - stating i will have the items soon. 15 min later he/she claimed (in the web site) they made the delivery. Mind you i asked for a face to face trade. This never happen. I asked the seller about it and never heard back from the seller - in fact the icon (indicating he was in chat) next to his name turned off, leaving me thinking he left chat. 

I notified G2G support, they said they were looking into it and after several email between the support staff and myself i finally was informed that the process will take 24-72 hours (yet the email stated in light grey text the issue will be automatically resolved within 48 hours if no response)  funny catch 22 i think! 

Several hours later, I notified PAYPAL (the service i used to pay for this product) that we are having issues with the seller claiming the delivery of said order. 

The support staff at G2G now wants me to remove the dispute as it has generated a loss to their company! LOL.... I responded - With a Snowballs chance in Hell,,,,

I want the promised oder fulfilled TODAY, or a full refund. If this can not be resolved within a timely manner (2-3 hours) a full refund will be expected. 

As of today - G2G has not replied to my last, and i have proceeded with Paypal to resolve this issue. 

It's my guess, G2G feels customer satisfaction is not necessary  

I think this will be my last update on this case -


As of today, G2G refuses to work with me until I drop the dispute with the paypal. Considering paypal is my only leverage It would be foolish of me to give in. Especially when G2G can’t explain why this has happen, any possible solution, or provide any compensation. So, I think “f**k G2G”, I will let them deal with paypal - and wash my hands of this...


G2G obviously does not care about its customers – What I have learned from all of this is to clearly not use this site, and to confirm everything with the seller before placing an order – for all I know he (the seller) may just not have had the supply or just was having a bad day!?

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